Alright, Caroline
by JoAnne
Caroline left him with her heart in the bag at her feet
She couldn't stay here with him so she quickly hit the street
In her belly there was a baby girl growing
and he would go on with life without ever knowing

Her heart would carry this little secret that their love made
Every moment she saw his smile on their baby her heart was going to cave
Their love bore a beautiful baby girl and her heart sobbed
for she knew the man her daughter never would, oh how she'd been robbed

It wasn't until that cool autumn's walk when she heard his voice
It was then she knew she had something to do make that choice
Should she lie to him or come clean as he begged her to
Her heart hoped maybe things would mend, but knew that was too good to be true

Their eyes met and she felt him like he felt her 
It felt like years passed, a thought which is absurd
Her heart ached as he sat and watched their daughter sleep
She watched his hand touch her face and felt herself begin to weep

A smile crossed his face as he saw the baby smile
He looked at her and their eyes met for the longest while
"things could've been so different and if this is how youwant it fine.
I won't take anything from you, my dearest Caroline.

"Just tell her her daddy loved his mother,
but she didn't want to bother.
It's gonna take a long time to forget this 
but it's Alright Caroline, later on we'll both realize 
what we've missed."