You Make It So Easy For Me
What is it about you; that makes me feel so free?
When I hear your voice; it takes me where I wanna be
Your smile leads me quietly; through my days and nights
You make it so easy for me; to know I'm all right

Looking back over my shoulder; where does my past begin?
"Your" song playing on the radio; or lifetimes before then?
The people who have loved me; put me on a shelf so high 
I didn't know where I stood; looking through their clouded eyes

That loud, lonely boy; you speak to in your song
Is out there somewhere tonight; trying so hard to belong
You know the story well; facing demons, living lies
That boy once was you; the triumph's in your eyes

The photograph of a fearless man; put out for all to see
Proved to be the image that; first attracted me
This tall, strong man; with an attitude all his own
Has made me question now; the life I've always known 

Taking others' thoughts as mine; somewhere in my head
Going through each day; wondering what was said
I'm wondering how I got here; I needed this more than you know
You say the world doesn't fit you; now I'm no longer so alone

When I take a step back; to the days before "you"
Who was that person in me; everyone thought they knew?
This newfound emotion; draws me in like your sea
I want to say thanks; you make it so easy for me