Maybe Lost Without You
It took me an hour to finish my cigarette last night.
And as each ring blew from my mouth pictures of you flew in the cold air.
The window was cracked and I could hear the rain on the trash can.
The smell of never wanting more mixed with that little air.
My eyes never watered, but my head hurt.
I grabbed into space hoping to hold you.
So things change but never more did I have time to think of you.
My sweetest dreams never came true till I have met you.
And now that I have forgotten what you look like, I still hold you close.
For once I felt real but as soon as I hung up the phone, I forgot how to speak.
So as the rain faded it still echoed though the night clouds, and I feel to silent sleep wishing you where here.
And when I woke in the morning, you were still on my mind.
And I will never stop thinking of you till there is no rain.