Rock Star
Julie Kocka
Rock Star
I've been waiting years for this day
I've seen you on TV

Heard you on the radio
but I never thought I'd see you this way
My friends say I'm obsessed
They will never understand the way I understand
You walk on stage
My heart starts to pound
You are so close
I can almost touch you now
You sing the same words day in and out,
But today the words seem to be
Directed to me and only me
I sing the words as loud as I can

Almost as if you could hear me
Time flies by, its over now
We wait for your arrival

You'll be here soon
Here they come we say
You are even closer than before
I become so nervous, but excited
I ask for an autograph and a hug
You say "oh" sure and squeeze me tightly

My face is beaming
And I am grinning
The world stands still for a moment
Then you let go and move on

For you have many more fans to greet
I hold my breath
I want to cry
My dream has come true
For I have met the rock star