Katie Schluter
Here's my submission. Our class had to write a 10-line poem about someone
who has really impacted our life. The lines had to be from other poems, song
lyrics, quotes, etc. the key of my poem (titled "Stephan") is below it.

People always take a step away from what is true, that's why I like you around.
You do something to me I can't explain.
Your voice is all I linger to hear.
You have given me the courage to be all that I can.
You're always there to lift me up,
You never left when I was alone,
I know you'll always be there.
I want to walk with you and hold you up,
Just as you have done for me.
But you dont even know what you do to me...

Key: Third Eye Blind
     Jennifer Grosshans
     Mariah Carey
     Crazy Town
     Eric Seufert
     Vanessa Takacs
     Sean Pugh