Jeffrey James Harbin

The hollow cave of your dysfunctional smile,
Your symphonic silent song,
The siren sounding,
Breaking me from the cycle
I drink madness from its smoky prison,
Bubbling with the laughter of Harpies,
Fire permeating within my gut,
The sharp taste of discreet insanity,
Unstable on the precipice of stability,
The ledge paces towards me.
A frenzied spin presents me a shadow of who I thought you were.
You fuel your internal vampirism on my naïve heart,
My soul, my body, my thick contaminated blood,
Which a fraudulent love; once ran through
My eyes are tainted with visions of you.
Ironic how dreams turn to nightmares,
Premonitions affirmed; tenfold,
Life robbed as time falls,
My routine the same, divided by two,
Half the man is cliché, and useless,
I no longer feel like a man, indeed
But a being, a lost soul, the final leaf of fall;
The nomad, the wanderer, the survival, the end, the absolute,
I meant well…
But your mute rage crushed even the purest intentions
The planets are misaligned, midnight at 3 P.M.
Even my high beams can't break the darkness.