by Ruby
My vision of the music video has a constant dream image haziness to it. Especially the beginning since the music is very soft, soothing and mesmerizing. It starts off with the band at a train station waiting to board. The light is blindingly white and the entire scene is surrounded by fog or a hazy cloud. Brad, Arion, Kevin (or Tony-- I wrote this when Kevin was still in the band), as well as the other passengers at the station are all wearing long black heavy coats with sunglasses. Jenkins is the only one without a coat and sunglasses and the bright light irritates his eyes.

Everyone is a stranger to each other, including all the band members. Once they board the train, no one looks at each other; people gaze out the window, or mind their own business with their newspapers or computers avoiding any kind of eye contact. Jenkins is sitting completely alone with a look of desolation. He stares at the people, he even screams at them as he's singing (kind of like in the LAWY video) but no one hears him or they choose to ignore him.

During the part where the mood changes ("I read dead russian authors volumes at a time..."), the train goes through a tunnel and everything turns pitch black and Jenkins is running through the cars of the train trying to find a way out. During the line that goes "..and then I know I'll never get back out", the train comes out of the tunnel and he finds himself in an empty car. No people are on board, but all their luggage and other items are there. During the part that goes "how'd you like to be alone and drowning" Stephan throws around luggage trying to break through a window to escape out of the train.

Near the end of the song he runs through a door and finds himself back in the original car but this time all the people on board are now fast asleep and the video ends with the camera turning to the window and the entire screen getting drowned out with the bright light.