Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

October 19, 2000

I was in the eight grade when John Lennon died. The way I felt when I 
heard this was similar to the way I felt when I was on a plane, and the plane 
was going to crash into the tarmac. We pulled out within the last second, and 
I said to myself, "that's weird." It was the same thing when he died. I 
remember thinking about NY and how fucked up it was. I remember he had on 
that New York City T-shirt. I thought about the pornography of it - that he 
was shot in front of his wife. And the irony that he loved the city and felt 
conformable there.
Lennon put the punk rock in Beatles and took off a lot of the sugar 
coating. He had such good sense. He wasn't always trying to explain himself, 
and so a lot of times he is misunderstood. He was a contrarian with goodwill.