Source: Chat with Stephan Jenkins on 10/30/00 transcript

November 1, 2000
s16_anna Welcome to tonight's Sweet16 chat with Stephan Jenkins, hot lead singer for the blazing group, Third Eye Blind. Get your eyes checked because we are all in for a treat as we talk one-on-one with Stephan about everything from being in a band to their latest CD to whatever is on your mind!! Let's all welcome Stephan to our Sweet16 studio and bombard him with your questions now!! Welcome Stephan!! Thanks for taking time out to hang with us!!
stephan_jenkins Hey Anna!  Hello Everyone out there!!! WOW!! So many people here tonight!!!! Good to see you all!  Thanks for having me, Sweet!
s16_anna We had a feature contest into which your fans have submitted questions, and we picked to ask you tonight. So your fans will be all ears for the answers to their burning questions!!
stephan_jenkins Perfect! The relationship we have with our fans has always been important to us. It always will be!
s16_anna Ok! lets get started... What is it like to have people think they know you? As in, there are people who view you from how the media views you. How do you think the media portrays you?
stephan_jenkins Not well at all!
s16_anna How would you like to be portrayed?
stephan_jenkins As a songwriter. I seem to be anointed by the press with this negative criticism.  It's refreshing to be here with positive fans, away for the negative side of things!
s16_anna Nothing beats the sweet chatters!! Can you describe the feeling you get when you walk onstage to a crowd of thousands?
stephan_jenkins I have this sense of obligation to my fans, a sense of community. You can feel that here tonight. What transcends is indescribable. I can almost compare it to walking into a Church.
s16_anna Wow...i can't even imagine that! It must be an amazing feeling!!
stephan_jenkins It really is indescribable.
s16_anna I bet! Speaking of your fans, Third Eye Blind is about to go into a stretch of shows with an audience of 21 years and older. What are your thoughts on this???
stephan_jenkins I think that limiting the age range in the audience is what ruins it.  I would much rather play to all ages.  Music is a religion to teenagers.  To them, it’s what really, really matters. ...right guys???  I remember when I was , I had gone to a Clash concert and I was jumping over crowds to get to the stage.  It was one of the more memorable concerts I have seen.  I loved The Clash when I was in high school.
s16_anna That is so true!! I can definitely say that music is what keeps kids going. They relate it so much to their life. I know I do.
stephan_jenkins is so important in everyone's life.
s16_anna Awhile back, you guys did a cover of The Clash's "Train in Vain". Are you planning any future cover songs?
stephan_jenkins We are, in fact, doing a punk rock version of a Johnny Cash song.
s16_anna Awesome I cant wait to hear it! Any info on when we can look for it?
stephan_jenkins All I can say is that we are super excited about doing it but we are not too sure when it will be released. So...keep an eye out.
s16_anna Aww...keeping your fans in suspense!
stephan_jenkins lol We have to keep the surprise element in our music!!!! You all know that!
s16_anna lol When talking about your fans, what is your overall opinion?? Is there more that you would like to see out of them? or maybe even less of? I'm sure the fans here would love to know !!
stephan_jenkins Our fans are the real deal!  They are so intense and that's the way we love to see them.  I mean, look around here so many people and great fans. It's really great so see and be a part of. We made a cameo on the Queen Latifah Show recently and the producer came us to and said that they had a few bands on the show, but none were as devoted and as intense as our were. It was outrageous! It's awesome to be able to have excellent fans.
s16_anna Really? That must have be such a rush for you guys!! Knowing how devoted your fans are!!
stephan_jenkins Definitely... We are not a Media Band.  We are a real deal rock band with real deal fans.  That is the perfect combination.
s16_anna Now when you think of rock, what bands do you think of??
stephan_jenkins I think of people like Lou Reed, Led Zeppelin and U.  But we can also look at the 1990's and the hip-hop bands in that era who have made their mark...  Those would be the years that hip-hop was at it's know?  Groups like Arrested Development, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest…years later and they still have their staying power.
s16_anna I definitely agree with you. You can never forget any of those groups!! I still listen to all their cds!! You have great taste!!
stephan_jenkins Thank you. I like their style.  So many bands had great hits that year.  Groups like Craig Mack, Jay-Z, and even the Beasties came out with an amazing album.  All good stuff.
s16_anna Now with all these great bands around...whom would you want to tour with next? It must be a hard choosing!
stephan_jenkins I would love to tour with U2 again.  I had such a good time when I was with them.  They are a great group of We had a blast wherever we went.  I would also love to tour with Dave Matthews band.  Maybe next summer.
s16_anna Dave Matthews?!! That's a definite must see...that would be a awesome concert!! I will definitely be looking for that next summer!  Now in between tours, what do you do with all your free time?
stephan_jenkins I'll be doing a lot of writing.  Just living and writing.  I'll be spending most of my time in San Francisco and New York City.  I would love to go down to India for a while… maybe a few weeks.  But most likely, I'll be spending my time recording and writing in San Francisco and Manhattan.  We will be beginning to write the album that people have wanted us to make.
s16_anna With all these bands that get stuck in the mainstream, and getting caught up in glam, how do you feel you, as a band, stay real?
stephan_jenkins We are down to earth weirdo's. lol
s16_anna lol
stephan_jenkins That's how we keep it real!!  We are real-to-life rock stars. We dress, talk and act that way.
s16_anna Well said!
stephan_jenkins Well you know, it's not a show. It's just how it is.  Well, that's the best way I could describe it. lol
s16_anna Well, Stephan, thanks SO much for being here with us!! I had a great time!!
stephan_jenkins It's over already??
s16_anna Yeah, I know...we we're having so much fun I could keep doing this all night!! 
stephan_jenkins aaah Yes. OK Thanks Anna and thank you! Thank all of you for coming!
s16_anna But, stick around, everyone is ready to watch your webcast which was taped right here at Studio !!!
stephan_jenkins It is really sweeeeeet to see you all here and we appreciate your support!  See you around!!!!  Bye Everyone!