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Feb 15, 2001

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Stephan Jenkins
Now that Puff Daddy has stood up and faced the music -- admitting his long-rumored breakup with catch-of-the-century Jennifer Lopez (
allstar, Feb. 14) -- may Miss Truth put a kind request in to Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins to do the same?

Of course, no one will officially confirm it, but we hear his tumultuous love affair with actress Charlize Theron (Sweet November, The Cider House Rules) has finally ended for good after Theron gave the singer a marriage ultimatum. Apparently the two have been breaking up forever, so it's not clear if this time it's for good or not.


What is clear, however, is that the rumor about the new Jeff Buckley book being made into a movie is not true.

The following statement was released Wednesday (Feb. 14) on the late singer-songwriter's official Web site: "Contrary to rumors currently being circulated by various media outlets, the film rights to the Dream Brother book, authored by David Browne, just published by Harper-Collins in the U.S. and IVth Estate in the U.K., has not been optioned, according to Browne's literary agent, the Wylie Agency, and the Estate of Jeff Buckley reports that it has never discussed authorizing a Jeff Buckley biopic."

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