Transcript 1

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

You guys have a very big internet following.   And there are at least 100 websites out for you guys uh-huh and um also there's a numbre of emailing lists um I have 3 and there's over 3000 people that subscribe and get daily emails wow about appearances, just anything Third Eye Blind and you know they that's where you hear it first uh huh is uh huh on the net.  And so um basically the first question that someone sent in that I was interested in becasue it directly relates to me is that um you know uh...

Does it freak you out that there's a

No, it doesn't freak me out. 

It doesn't?

No.  I don't feel freaked out   I don't feel threatened by it or anything like that. Right There's uh, I mean, you know, sometimes I'm getting up in the morning and I'm just completely just hamfaced, like I am right now and I'm going out to go get coffee or something like that and there's people out in front of my house - that's weird. People get my hotel, people get my hotel room even though I stay under an alias.  Um.  When they find my hotel, tha that's a bummer.  But.   Well, me being in Alabama...  Um, But the whole.  The, the, the   internet thing, so you don't feel threatened by that is not like, that's ok.   No, no and the fans that follow us from show to show there's a lot of fans who uh who do alot of driving and travel you know, along side of the band that's fine too.   It doesn't bother me.

So have you had a chance to visit the site?

Yeah, I did.  I think I sent you guys a note, actually.  yeah  Cuz I was sick or something like that or.  Yeah I got that and something yeah but so I posted it  on there yeah people were glad to see and after you sent that just so many more started piling in because it's like they realized Stephan was reading these and um it was making a difference, so.


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