Transcript 3

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

You were just talking about People Magazine and that was your first time wearing a tank top and we were pleasantly surprised to see that.  Um, you know, kind of a change from the norm uh huh loved the leather, the silver leather pants, but um.  How did it make you feel to be awarded such a title?  Oh, I was pretty embarrassed, frankly.   You were embarrassed?  Yeah.   I was like you guys got the wrong guy.  Mr. Hamface. Well, um.  I'm so like, I mean, I was just like, you know..  I don't know. 

What did they do, did they just call you up and say yeah your in it.  Your in it?  Your in it.  Your in it. We're gonna come take a picture, write a real good article... You've been, we can take a picture of you or you or we'll just use a found one.  So.  Really? So I. So you opted to let... Yeah I let em take a photo of me.  That's great.  Either that or just use, use one. 

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