Transcript 4

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Millons of people saw you at the MTV premiere of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace with your canine date, who's so cute.   And, um, just wanted to, um, see if you enjoyed the movie?  OH!  Did you see that?  I haven't seen it yet, I'm sorry to say.  But, um, were you a big Star Wars fan back in the day? Um... yeah, sort of.  You know, the movie actually, it's sort of weird, I mean.  Have you seen it? Un nuh. Well, they've got these, like, these frog people that are just so, like, the innergalatic negro.  Of course, it's so, it's like, it's almost racist, it's hilarious.  It's like, you know, that jive talkin, you know, 70's, uh, bell, it's very weird that that's what they came up with.   They also say "yippee" three times in that movie - which to me is like you've got to be pretty Goddamn desparate to say "yipee" three times.                   

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