Transcript 12

Pink = Jen
Blue = Stephan

Well, um, are you going to release any more songs from the last, from the first album?  Or are you guys done until the new album comes out?  Uh, I....shh...well.  We're gonna have a song called "I Want A New Girlfriend" that's going to be in the movie American Pie Pie, yeah.  Comes out soon. Yeah.  I checked last night and it still wasn't out.  Yeah.  I think in June. Yeah. And uh, so is, so is that pretty much going to carry you through November? Yeah.  Yeah.   Yeah it is, it's sorta go into hibernation or whatever yeah. Ok.  "Jumper" still gets played alot on the radio. Yes it does. So.  Yes it does, very much so.  

Well, um, how's Boo? She's great! She is?  Yeah. And she was with you at Star wars? She was with me, yeah.   You couldn't find a babysitter?  She was, she was with my ex-girlfriend who is about to start her or is in her second year of medical school at Harvard actually.  Uh, and and uh, uh, I finally got her back. Yeah.  So it's great.  Well, you had said that in November that you wanted visitation rights come February. Yeah.  I finally, I finally just got the dog back.  So that's good. Aww, yeah that is good.  Yeah.

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