Lyrical Theories

Name: eve
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Song: darkness


" I want you to love me-- like you did before you knew me." I think that stephan is expressing how it feels sometimes, when you have ADD. This song is about how you shut yourself away from people, when you don't want to risk letting them really know you. " Dropped out of schools 'cause of things that I never learned" and " I never thought there'd be any help for somebody like me-- a vacancy" These lyrics are good examples of how painful it can be, when a person has something like ADD. I know that the first quote is based on a line from the book "Jesus' Son" by Denis Johnson--an excellent book about a man who is on a "mission" of sorts and his recovery from that "mission".

Name: Chris
Song: Darkness


This song is about "Jesus' Son" by Denis Johnson. Stephan has been rumored to graduate at the top of his high school class and he graduated from University of California - Berkeley. "Dropped out of school 'cause of things I never learned" is not something Stephan would write about himself. He is continuing Denis Johnson's character from the book into this song.

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Song: darkness


"I want someone to know me Maybe tell me who I am Cause Iíve faced down my demons And cried out to a god A god Iíve never seen,"i think this is talking about how he bacame a christian even kowing he rarely shows it and he wanted to do his part in gods eyes so he put that and i think he is also saying that the demons that were once in his head are gone and he wants to get clean again and wants someone to know that he has changed even knowing it may not seem much like it he has and that the world around him needs to change because the world is darkening around us all and he is one person who notices it.

Name: Vicki
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Song: Darkness


"Trust no one, that's the one thing that I've learned." As Chris Carter once said "The truth is that when you 'trust no one,' there is a tremendous amount of hope that you can trust someone." But that's the X-Phile in me, so let's get back to the song.

This song all boils down to trust, in my opinion. Just looking at the world that surrounds you, not trusting nothing and nobody: "Cops pull out the radar and shoot devious grins." This distrust in everything is just leading him to, I guess, paranoia, depression, and just facing his demons. And he wants help. He wants to trust: "I've cried out to a god, a god I've never seen." Here, we see he never really had much faith in God, but wanting to believe so desperately, he'd do anything.

It seems he meets someone, who doesn't know him, the real him. So he just wants her to not know him. But I think that this guy realizes that the woman does love him for him, "Never thought that there'd be any help for somebody like me." Someone actually cares and the darkness is supposedly gone.

However, the song goes on with "There's no hope for people like you and me." It seems that she did bring some light in his life, but I think he eventually drug her down with him into this darkness. Not sure, though.

Hmm... This *does* sound a lot like Mulder and Scully. Hee hee. Okay, I'll shut up now...

Name: Jamie
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Song: darkness


This song is all about EXISTENTIALISM. The existentialist gets lost inside themself sometimes because no one else really understands how they feel, the hopelessness and the rage for life they live with, all the anxiety because they don't fit into normal life, they yearn for something more, sometimes, just someone to LIVE with, someone just as crazy (I want someone to know me, maybe tell me who I am, cuz Iv'e faced down my demons) the existentialist knows what his faults and problems are, he just needs someone to act out with, someone that make him feel alive. If they don't express their complete disreguard to normality and have someone that gets it like they do, they fall into darkness, the world becomes dark and meloncholy and sad to them. So they so desparatly grasp for things to keep them feeling alive, exuberant. (bring me the sun, cuz I slide off the moon) the moon symbolizes the darkness, and the sun symbolizes the urge to be bright and alive.

Name: sarah
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Song: darkness


i could be way off, but at least, i understand this song as a song simply about depression, and all teh stuff that goes with it.
"i've faced down my demons and cried out to a god, i god i've never seen"
means that he understands the severity of what he's going through and has spoken about it. to others and maybe asked god why he is the way he is.
"i want you to love me, like you did, before you knew me"
i take this as the way people looked at him before they knew that he was depressed, they all thought he was a great guy, no real problems, nothing deep, fun to be aorund and joke with. but once they found out, once they really know what he feels, they "know" him, they all watch what they say and are a little scared by him, and what he might do.
it might seem a little outlandish, but this song strikes a personal cord with me, and it does happen.
"dropped out of schools cause of things that i never learned" and "trust no one, that's the one thing that i learned"
simply state that as it says in all those lovely pamplets to see whether or not you're depressed, often grades lower due to lack of caring.
"trust no one..." is once you realize how people react to your 'behaviour' or 'mental health', it's hard to know who you can trust to talk to about it, and you're always thinking that people are going to talk about you behind you back, so it's hard to know where to turn and to know who's going to talk.
"a vacancy" is how it feels inside, like there's nothing there.
"i want someone to know me, maybe tell me who i am" is the wanting to understand why he feels the way he does.
wether or not this is what the song is about, it speaks levels.

Name: Liz
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Song: Darkness


I think this song is about finding truth in your soul, and understanding who you are. The beginning of the song,"cops pull out the radar" is such a mundane part of everyday life. It is showing that all thoughts of insecutiry about who you are develop in your mind every moment. The song is telling people it is ok to deal with these "demons" and to look around to find truth.

"I want someone to know me, maybe tell me who I am," this line feels so familiar, as if it is a song soley about finding who you are. "Strange Lands all surround me, new ideas..." when you are in search of who you are, everything is unfamiliar, people, places and things are given a new demention. I think what the song is telling people is it is ok to abandon the sterotype of yourself, and to embrace what you feel in your soul is right. "Bring me the sun" is refering to a light, which in literature symbolically represents truth, understanding and rebirth of life. "Slide off the moon"-- the moon is a light in darkenss, but it is not as powerful as the light of the sun. The moon also creates dark shadows in the night which distort all sense of reality and leave a person in a surrealist state. 

As in any piece of poetry (which this song is essentially) there is no real truth in a theory. It is up to the writer to explain the true soul of the piece.

Name: gretchen
Song: Darkness


I just wanted to make a comment on one little part: "I've faced down my demons/and cried out to a god/a god I've never seen..." This has always sounded sort of like an agnostic opinion to me, like someone is putting their faith in a being they have never even physically seen, but then that sort of contradicts what these two other people have said.

What do you think?  Send in your theories for this song!