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4 - My pal Ruby sent this info to me!  DISHWALLA COMMITS TO BREASTFEST ’99 Don’t let the name fool you, Dishwalla has not made an erotic film.  Breastfest is the largest ever music benefit to support the fight against Breast Cancer. Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins is the brains behind this event, scheduled for October 24th at Irvine Meadows, in Irvine, CA. The line-up thus far is Dishwalla, Third Eye Blind, Primus and Duncan Sheik.  Plenty of other acts, as well as the event itself, will be announced soon. We will post ticket information as soon as we get it!  Should be an excellent show.

13 - Looks like Smash Mouth is at it again... talking about Third Eye Blind in an interview from the August issue of Pulse Magazine.

"The day I start coming across serious is the day I'm gonna get out of this business," adds 215-pound vocalist Steve Harwell. "We toured with Third Eye Blind, and they're just so serious about everything. I decided at that
point I never want to be like that because that band (3eb) does not have fun when they're onstage."  Thanks, ljenkins17@excite.com!

16 -
STEPHAN SIGHTING!  September issue of SPIN magazine has a tidbit on 3eb and a pic of Stephan on stage.  Thanks, Bearhug891@aol.com!

Stephan's thoughts on SPIN magazine...
"There's 11 people who read Spin.  The people who write for it should be writing about classic rock.  I wouldn't even let my parrot shit on it." 
HAHA way to go Stephan!

19 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  Surprise!  3eb shows up at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco as "Miller Genuine Draft's Blind Date" to try out new material live.
Sonicnet's review: 
Third Eye Blind Debut New Song At 'Blind Date' Show - 'I'll Give You Anything' slated for pop-rock band's second album, now in production. Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports:
SAN FRANCISCO — Pop-rockers Third Eye Blind treated a hometown audience to a sneak preview of their upcoming sophomore album at a secret show Thursday night.
"I'll Give You Anything," a driving rocker with a harder edge than the songs on Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut, will be on their self-produced second album, according to Elektra Records spokesperson Joel Amsterdam. He said the band hopes to release the album in November.
"We're in the midst of recording a new album about four blocks from here," frontman Stephan Jenkins said before launching into the short rock tune. Dressed in khaki pants and a black, smocklike shirt that reached below his knees, Jenkins blasted through the song's two verses, repeating the chorus phrase "anything for you."
The concert at Maritime Hall was part of the ongoing series of Miller Genuine Draft "Blind Date" shows in which contest winners are taken to a secret shows. Past Blind Date shows have featured such rockers as Foo Fighters, Hole and Stone Temple Pilots. Groove-rockers the Afghan Whigs opened the show, mixing such originals as "Miles Iz Ded" and "Gentlemen" with snippets and covers of songs by Prince, Stevie Wonder and raunch-rappers 2 Live Crew.
Third Eye Blind took the stage around 10 p.m. and hit the several hundred fans with a few tracks from the band's self-titled 1997 debut before unveiling the new song.
The band, which also includes guitarist Kevin Cadogan, drummer Brad Hargreaves and bassist Arion Salazar, continued with metallic-pop versions of "Thanks a Lot" and "Jumper" (RealAudio excerpt). During the latter, Jenkins confronted an audience member, asking, "Do you think you can faze me? F--- you. Get the f--- out of here or I'll kick your f---ing ass."
They then played another song, "Horror Show," that may be on the new album, according to Amsterdam. It also appeared on the soundtrack to "Varsity Blues," released in January.
While relying on the same power-pop formula that drove Third Eye Blind to sales of 4 million copies, "Horror Show" also was edged with a mix of heavy-metal guitars and a bottom-heavy beat.
Other Third Eye Blind hits revisited during the show included "Losing a Whole Year," "Narcolepsy" and "How's It Going to Be" (RealAudio excerpt), in which the band included a hip-hop-flavored snippet of the Who's "Baba O'Riley." The quartet ended the set with a sludgy cover of Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love."
Throughout the show, several spinning logos for the show's sponsor flashed on the walls while winners who were bused in from Santa Rosa, Calif., nearly two hours north of San Francisco, lined up for free beer and pizza. Belligerent fans engaged in at least a half-dozen fights in the mosh pit.
Many seemed not to care who was onstage. "I had no idea it was going to be Third Eye Blind," Jeff Geyert, 26, of San Francisco said. Asked if he was happily surprised, Geyert said, "Whatever, man. I don't care. I'm just really f---ed up."

A BLIND DATE EXPERIENCE from herogirl@usa.net:

The show was great! It is a 21 and over show and I think the average age of the audience was like 35. It was an older group and they responded well to show. Afghan Wigs were the opening band. They were good but I don't think too many people really knew who they were. Third Eye Blind didn't get onstage until about 10 PM. They sounded so good. I walked up to the second row to take
a couple pictures and that's when I noticed the beardless Stephan. The set list included: Losing a Whole Year, Narcolepsy, Motorcycle Drive By, I'll Do Anything, Thanks a Lot, Jumper, Horror Show, How's It Going To Be, Baba O'Riley, Semi-Charmed
Life, Graduate, London, Ain't Talkin Bout Love, I Want You , and God of Wine. Some drunk guys were flipping 3eb off so Stephan yelled at them from the stage "do you think that fazes me?", it was really funny. After the show a crew guy informed me that there would be no after show but he said he would let me backstage and I just had to hang out on the stairs, out of everyone's way. Stephan was with Charlize backstage and sorry to say but they looked really cute together. Stephan said hi to me and then the 2 of them went in the dressing room, Kevin came out and I talked to him, he was distracted and you could tell he wasn't in the mood for talking so I left him alone. Arion and Brad never left the dressing room. I left the venue sometime around 1AM, picking up a few posters that MGD handed out. 
Thanks, Jo!   Make sure to visit Jo's site Salt Of Your Skin!

24 -
Cover story from LA magazine.  A condensed version by Ruby.  Thanks, Ruby!  Ruby's comments in [brackets]:

   Charlize Theron has barely settled into a plush corner booth of the Regent Beverly Wilshire's Restaurant when she is rushed by a trio of friends she left behind at the hotel's bar.  Stephan Jenkins, the looker lead singer of Third Eye Blind and her boyfriend for the past two years, is flanked by Theron's two agents from United Talent Agency.  Collectively, they've got an urgent appointment pending:   Jenkins has to get a haircut.  [Noooo!!!  I like the hair looong!!]   To complicate matters, the San Francisco boy [boy??], who rarely drives at home [but I've seen him driving at home ;)], let alone in Los Angeles, has to get back after his shearing in time to
deliver Theron for a late dinner with her mom.  "Listen to me!" [lay down the law, Girl!] says Theron, cutting through the festive chatter interfering with the business at hand.  "I'm listening, I'm listening," says Jenkins with a hint of petulance [when does Jenkins NOT talk with a hint of petulance?].  "You go all the way down Wilshire, which is THIS street," says Theron, thrusting a thumb to indicate the boulevard behind her.  "Wilshire.  Yeah, Wilshire."    "When you hit Crescent Heights, make a left."  "Got it."  The trio departs confident [why does Jenkins need Charlize's 2 agents to go w/him to get his haircut??].  But Theron turns to her remaining companion with a worried look in her very blue eyes.  "Do you have a car?" she asks, as though it has just dawned on her that Jenkins might not have been the best man in the restaurant to entrust with her keys.

~~~~~~~  Charlize's nude scenes blah blah blah Charlize's life story yaddah yaddah yaddah ~~~~~~~
    "She's very much an American story," says Jenkins who met Theron for the first time after a Third Eye Blind concert in Hawaii.  "We're a nation built up of immigrants.  She has the same personality as the people who went out and homesteaded Montana.  She would have been that person 150 years ago, saying, 'Come on, we need to chop down some trees and build that cabin.' She really is tough."
~~~~~~~ some crap about what charlize likes to eat ~~~~~~~
    But for now, at least, her trust in Jenkins-as-driver has been rewarded.  The restaurant's hostess approaches Theron with a cordless phone.   "Hello?" she answers with some trepidation.  "Oh, hi!  You just got there?  Oh, honey, I'm so proud of you!"  [I was doubting Jenkins for a second there ;)]  Never mind that it took Jenkins about an hour to make a 15-minute trip [doh!] and that it may be some time before he gets back to pick her up.   Theron hangs up without a trace of disappointment.  The couple's respective
shooting and touring schedules have kept them apart all spring, so they have been forced to make do with long-distance telecoms to stay in touch.  If Jenkins is late, he's deliciously close.  In the end, he makes up for lost hours by making the return trip from his haircut in record time.  "Oh my God, he made it!" says Theron ebulliently.  Looking natty [but I thought he was Puck!] with his new 'do, Jenkins stops a few feet away and tosses the car keys onto the table in a gesture of mock triumph.   "I'm grabbing you," he mutters, "We have to go."  The faux redhead does just as she's told-- a director's dream-- but as the pair exit arm in arm, a third wheel is left wondering: So which one's gonna drive?  [I hope Charlize drove.]

25 -  STEPHAN SIGHTING! 6:00am EST on Nickelodeon's Nick News.

26 - STEPHAN SIGHTING!  September issue of Request Magazine (702 on cover) on page 13 includes article is about Stephan's "feud" with Smash Mouth.  Includes a photo of Stephan as well.  
*Jen's note ~ During my interview with Stephan in June, Stephan told me that the print media is full of BS.  He said that all the talk about fueds with bands was "rediculous".  So don't beleive ALL that you read, folks.  This could be just another media fuck-over!