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New Album!
Third Eye Blind are in the studio writing and recording new songs for their third, currently unnamed, record. The new songs include: "Persephone," and "Fucked Up Kid."  Look for this album to be released in Mid-2002.

3eb EP to Benefit San Francisco Bands!
Third Eye Blind wish to raise money for local San Francisco bands who do not have a place to practice due to dot-com invasion. They will issue a limited edition 7" colored vinyl EP with proceeds going to local bands. It should include a cover of The Who's "Substitute" and "I'm a Dick" by The Muffs. 

Stephan's Acting Debut:
Stephan will be making his silver screen debut in this fall's  "Rock Star". The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Marky Mark.  The movie will be in theatres on September 13, 2001.


Movie Soundtracks and Tribute Albums!

3eb have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack of "A Knight's Tale," called "Eye Conqueror."  The soundtrack is now in stores.

Arion told us that 3eb will be recording a song for the American Pie 2 movie soundtrack.  This soundtrack will  be available in stores August 2001.  We'll give more details as they become available.

3eb have recorded a song for the Rock Show movie soundtrack, called "Forget Myself."  The soundtrack should be released on September 3.

Third Eye Blind will be recording of cover "Mull Of Kintyre" sometime soon for the upcoming tribute to Paul McCartney - one of Arion's all time favorite artists.

Third Eye Blind have recorded a cover of Johnny Cash's "Cry Cry Cry" for a tribute album celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sun Records.  This tribute record should be out in Spring 2002.

Articles for May: 
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Date Article Headline and Link
05/04/01 Trash Talk
05/04/01 Blind Item Alert
05/08/01 Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins Declares, 'We Rock Hard, But We Suck'
05/08/01 3EB Go Organic on Next LP
05/09/01 Third Eye Blind Joins Classic Rockers For 'Knight's Tale'
05/09/01 Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows Pay Tribute To Joey Ramone
05/09/01 Fans pay homage to bland rockers
05/21/01 Konocti Harbor reaches for the stars
05/21/01 Sight for sore eyes
05/23/01 3EB's Jenkins Talks Film

Site Updates, Appearances and Events for May: 
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Date Time Event Description Other Info
05/01/01 5:00pm PST You can now download the bootleg of 3eb at Tiger Jam in Las Vegas 4/29/01 in the EAR CANDY section.  A short review of the show will be posted this week.      
05/02/01    Have you read the lyrics to "Eye Conqueror" yet?  Are you wondering what "Byzantine mosaic"  or "matrix" mean?  Then check out 3eBONICS!   
05/03/01 6:00 PST Added some new 3eBONICS, added the lyrics to Eye Conqueror and added some new Lyrical Theories.   
05/04/01 6:00 PST Added an article from CDnow.com and an article from Spin.   
05/05/01 12:00 PST We've added some more of Jen's pictures from the 4/7/01Long Beach show and her review so check those out.   
05/06/01       Please join us in welcoming our newest contributor to the site, Your Momma.   
05/07/01      Added Jen's review and pictures from the Tiger Jam show in Las Vegas on 4/28/01.   
05/08/01 12:00 AM "A Knight's Tale" movie soundtrack, featuring 3eb's "Eye Conqueror" is on sale.  Also, added an article from CDnow.com.

Fresh from the cd ripper - download 3eb's new song "Eye Conqueror" from A Knight's Tale movie soundtrack.  You're welcome!

05/09/01   11:04 AM Added some articles to the front page.   
05/11/01 3pm PST 2nd Annual 3eb Fan Gathering in Dixon, CA   
05/12/01    The 2nd Annual Fan Gathering was QUITE spectacular.  Thanks to 3eb and their management for the private concert and meet n' greet!  More details and pictures from the fan gathering coming soon.   

Saturday night's show in Kelseyville, CA was excellent.  Jen had a chance to talk in depth with Stephan about things going on in the land of 3eb.  A review is on the way, but in the meantime here are important things you should know:

Stephan gave SJ.com *exclusive* rights to post a 30 second clip of the unreleased 3eb song, "Forget Myself."  You can download it HERE.

Also, 3eb have 2 shows booked now through the end of the year...  see LIVE.

05/19/01    Forgive me for the lack of updates this week but I've had company in town and not been at the computer.  I'm working on uploading the Dixon show mp3s, pictures, review, etc.  by Sunday.  I'll get to Kelseyville show stuff soon.  Wooby's working on a new Ask Wooby.
A few days ago an email arrived from SJ.  He gave us 2 books for the Book Club for y'all to read.  Wooby and I'll get em posted soonly.  He also said that 3eb is going to spend the summer in SF writing songs for the new record and then will head off to NYC to record them.  Stephan's springing for a loft in NYC for when they record and is moving out of his "punk rock dive."  He also said he's going to buy a poodle and hire a butler named Jeeves.  KIDDING!
Yesterday I had to have emergency surgery on a tooth - something about a nerve that basically exploded and died.  But I am super woman so last night (armed with Vicodin and beer) my friend A and I went to the Dave Matthews show in SF - we had 7th row center.  About 2 songs into DMB's set, I looked to my left and Stephan Jenkins was standing there with his "new coat that's never coming off."  How random is that?  After a tap on the shoulder, he turned around and did the hug/smooch-on-cheek howya doin' bit.  We chit-chatted for a minute.  SJ has good taste in music - the show rocked and it was cool to see my fave rocker in attendance.  Oh and A wanted me to make sure that you all knew that Santana played with DMB for a few songs and waved to her 2 times.  hehe nut
05/20/01    Posted mine and Wooby's review and pictures from Dixon, CA Fan Gathering and concert.  
Posted bootleg of Dixon, CA show from 5/11/01.  Download it in the Ear Candy section.  
Added some amazing pictures from Alicia and Sharon.
Your Momma! has some new gossip to share...
05/21/01    Added a million new Lyrical Theories.
Added 2 new articles.
05/22/01    Stephan has acquired some new Angels.   
05/23/01    Added 1 new article
Added 2 new 3eBANDs.  I'll be adding a bunch of new bands next week.

Wooby's in charge!!  SJ.com is going on vacation until next Wednesday 5/30, unless there is life/death 3eb news to relay.  Have a GREAT Memorial Day!  Oh and when I get back, I'll have Sprint Broadband, with 3 times faster uploading than DSL.  This means I'll be living on Napster again and sharing a huge 3eb library 24x7.  My Napster name is BLONDiJEN.
05/29/01 1:00 pm EST 3eb performs live on Saturday Night Live (RERUN) Comedy Central

I'm back!  Lessons learned in Alabama this weekend - NorthWest is evil, pollen makes you sneeze and red necks love the Village People.

My SUPAH FAST internet connection is now in place, but Napster won't let me trade 3eb songs.  :(  I officially declare Napster now SUCKS!  You can find me on AIM using the name BLONDiJEN, where you can download my mp3s via a direct connection.

Thanks to Kristen, we have some new 3eb media pictures.  Also, Stephan's got some new Angels.


I'm pleased to announce that ALL of the Lyrical Theories have been completely updated.  Thanks for your patience.

New stuff on the way (within 2 weeks):  my Kelseyville bootleg, review and pictures, Stephan's Book Club update, Ask Wooby, updated I Met Stephan! reports and Concert Reviews, updated 3eBRANDED.

If you have any new/old concert reviews, please send it in for me to add.


Future Appearances and Events:
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Date Time Event Description Other Info
9/3/01 n/a Stephan is appearing in the movie "Rock Star" and has written and song for the movie soundtrack (unknown title) that arrives in stores 4/3! Music stores nation-wide
9/13/01 n/a Stephan is appearing in the movie "Rock Star" that opens in theatres on 9/13.  Support his movie!  Here is a link to the movie's website: http://rockstarmovie.warnerbros.com/ Theatres nation-wide