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New Album!
Third Eye Blind are in the studio writing and recording new songs for their third, currently unnamed, record. The new songs include: "Persephone," and "Fucked Up Kid."  Look for this album to be released in Mid-2002.

3eb EP to Benefit San Francisco Bands!
Third Eye Blind wish to raise money for local San Francisco bands who do not have a place to practice due to dot-com invasion. They will issue a limited edition 7" colored vinyl EP with proceeds going to local bands. It should include a cover of The Who's "Substitute" and "I'm a Dick" by The Muffs. 

Stephan's Acting Debut:
Stephan will be making his silver screen debut in this fall's  "Rock Star". The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Marky Mark.  The movie will be in theatres on September 13, 2001.


Movie Soundtracks and Tribute Albums!

3eb have recorded a song for the movie soundtrack of "A Knight's Tale," called "Eye Conqueror."  The soundtrack is now in stores.

Arion told us that 3eb will be recording a song for the American Pie 2 movie soundtrack.  This soundtrack will  be available in stores August 2001.  We'll give more details as they become available.

3eb have recorded a song for the Rock Show movie soundtrack, called "Forget Myself."  The soundtrack should be released on September 3.

Third Eye Blind will be recording of cover "Mull Of Kintyre" sometime soon for the upcoming tribute to Paul McCartney - one of Arion's all time favorite artists.

Third Eye Blind have recorded a cover of Johnny Cash's "Cry Cry Cry" for a tribute album celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sun Records.  This tribute record should be out in Spring 2002.

Articles for November: 
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Date Article Headline and Link
11/16/01 Third Eye Blind Ready For Next Album, Jenkins Returns To Acting
11/10/01 Third Eye Blind To Headline Third Night Of Free Clinic Benefit
11/07/01 Third Eye Blind puts the power of stardom to good use

11/29/01 - Jen

Mark your calendar - Stephan will be on the Chris Issak Show on Showtime on Sunday, January 6 10:45 p.m. ET/PT.  If you don't have Showtime, now's the time to get it!

Posted a new article: 

Green Day, Stephan Jenkins, Art Alekakis To Appear On Second Season Of The Chris Isaak Show

11/26/01 - Jen

So, for the past few weeks I kept  passing this Gap (aka Crap) billboard on the Bay Bridge that had a girl with braids on it and it said "india.arie" so I look her up and saw she was a musician and so I give her a listen and whaddaya know, she fuckin rocks.  Total you-should-dig-yourself music.  I just love her!  Go on now and get her cd.  Let it be your "Merry Christmas to Me" gift.

Oh yes, and one more off topic note.  The boys over at Five for Fighting dropped me their cd in the mail and asked me to tell yall about it "if I liked it."  Well, I don't like it but I am telling yall about it anyway.  Maybe it's because I heard that one song of theirs like 4367230986023 times on the radio or the fact that it's just ITCHING to turn into Muzack.  I dunno.  Maybe you'll like it?

Don't forget that on Wednesday night 3eb will be playing on that PBS show thingy.  11.28.01  9pm EST  Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records  PBS

11/24/01 - Jen

Didja Know?  Today is the 3 year anniversary for StephanJenkins.com - I started it about about 5 redesigns,  2619743124865209365203 characters and 568325 different hairstyles ago.  Ya know, people often ask me why I built this site and I always say "to honor the man and the band who write such incredible music."  Well, it's all a lie.  I really built it so I could have my own piece of PURPLE cyberspace and show off pictures of my dog Mister Hoo and hopefully get him a date with Boo.  haha jk  Come on, give us some love in the Guestbook.

Oh oh and yesterday was the 2 year anniversary for the "Blue" album.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

11/23/01 - Jen

Happy Belated Turkey Day!

OHHHH GAWDD  I am still so full my man is having to roll me around by pushing me with his foot!  How am I going to shop downtown today?  My mother is in town and wants to take the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf, pshaw, like I am going to wait in THAT line.  Anyhoo, I posted a new article fors yall. 

Third Eye Blind Ready For Next Album, Jenkins Returns To Acting

11/20/01 - Jen

Send 3eb a Christmas Card!

Arion art from the WMGK Rock Art Show has been posted!

11/17/01 - Jen

"Live from the Lounge" date has changed to 1/8.

The Loveline mp3s were linked wrong - it's been fixed.

I'm heading to Vegas for a mini-break...don't forget to watch Britney on Sunday night Live from Vegas on HBO.  Maybe I'll be in the crowd.  HAHA  (Commie hates me for liking "Slave 4 U.")

11/14/01 - Jen

A rainbow of news from 3eb.com:

Third Eye Blind will be broadcasting "Live From The Lounge" with syndicated radio host Ryan Seacrest from an undisclosed studio near you (if you live in San Francisco) on Tuesday, January 8th.....30, count'em thirty, Star 98.7 radio winners will be treated to a good ole fashioned studio session style shin-dig.

Jen Note:  I will pay GOOD MONEY to any Star winner in exchange for your winning seat in the studio!!!!!  Email me!  I would so love to go to this!

ROCK ART SHOW featuring never-before-seen paintings by ARION!
Arion Salazar is sharing his hidden "other" talents for a great cause! His efforts will be showcased at the 102.9 WMGK Rock Art Show and silent auction that will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. The month long Rock Art Show opens to the public on Friday, November 16, and is at The Shops At Liberty Place in Philadephia, PA. The show will feature over 175 pieces of art created by musicians, singers and songwriters. More at www.WMGK.com.

Coming next year - STEPHAN on THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOW
Stephan Jenkins will make a featured guest appearance on the Showtime series "The Chris Isaak Show" which will air in January 2002.

11/13/01 - Jen

Download Stephan on Loveline from 10.25.01

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6

11/10/01 - Jen

New tour date - December 15 in LA at the Palladium as part of a benefit concert series.  That means you pay bank for a six-song set.  I'm going!  Tickets go on sale 11/17 at silverliningsilverlake.com

Go bid on Stephan's mask.


I admit, the past year has been quite lonely for me online due to the fact that Napster was shut down.  I tried and tried to find a similar program to moonlight with until Napster got back on it's feet again, but alas they all sucked and Napster seems to have been murdered.  WELL, last night I have FINALLY found a replacement lover.... Morpheus.  Morpheus is everything Napster WAS and WASN'T, seeing as you can download not just music but videos, software and even PORN!  WOOHOO  My boyfriend is pissed because instead of going out last night I stayed online downloading every Incubus video known to man and then playing "I Wish You Were Here" on repeat no less than 80 times.  What can I say?  It is the best song to come out in 2001, hands down. *ahem* even if Brandon Boyd is my pseudo-husband, that shouldn't make a difference.  Oh wait, this is my 3eb website.  I shouldn't talk about anything BUT 3eb.  ;)  Well, the reason I brought it up is that you can download all 637 of my 3eb songs and videos on Morpheus by hitting up user "BLONDiJEN" - that be me!

11/7/01 - Jen

Recording bootlegs with a PC mic is murder to Arion's bass lines.  Must use $200 mic from Sony for best sound.  That being said, here is my Breathe bootleg...notice the nice bass sound.

01. Introduction
02.  Graduate
03.  Anything
04.  Never Let You Go 
(with Buckcherry dood on guitar)
05. Jumper
(with Liz Phair)
06.  Supernova 
(with Liz Phair)
07.  Fuck n Run 
(with Liz Phair)
08.  Stephan Thanks Audience
09. I Want You (with Seal)

11/05 - Jen

Gossip Commie found this pic of Arion online and Mmmm, oh, er, heh I mean, wow what a cool leather jacket!  yeah...

11/3/01- Wooby

Happy Halloween from Jen, SJ, Wooby, and his birthday cards.  

from 3eb.com, SJ sez:

Back from a wicked Halloween party where I went as the goddamned devil. Still working through the process of getting the studio built. It's been the season of charities, so I have been out at events for AMFAR, the Nick Traina Foundation for suicide prevention, and, of course, Breathe, our little benefit that could--in its first year. Thanks to all the fans for coming to the show and for all your donations. I am listening to the Strokes. I just bought some Emo Core bands: Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day and the Dashboard Confessionals. I am also listening to some two-step (more watered-down, British house shit, but haven't found anything good, yet). I quit smoking Saturday and it sucks. Absolutely blows.

11/01/01 - Jen

Stephan recently returned from Canada where he filmed an episode of The Chris Issak Show.  No word yet on the air date - I'll keep ya posted.

Brad says that the band hasn't begun recording the new album yet, but that him and Arion had been messing around in the studio recording some Police covers for fun.  Oh yeah, the band is now shooting to have the new record out by JUNE.  ARGH!

I've ripped my Breathe bootleg and it is now available for download from me or you can mail me a cd and I'll burn it for you fa free!  I highly highly suggest downloading "I Want You" with Seal because it is AMAZING!