April 2002 News and Site Updates

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April Wassup-dates:

04/29/02 - Jen

The May 4 show is officially postponed until August 9.

Well folks, it's been fun but I need a break.

Starting today, SJ.com is on sabbatical until further notice. I'll leave the site as is and will make updates when there is important news to report, like tour dates and new album news. We'll be back in full force once the new album comes out.

The fact is I've been doing this almost 4 years with no break and I'm really burnt out.  I need some new music and concerts to refuel my interest in doing the site.

So yeah, the updates will be few and far between for the next month or two.

We're still the #1 3eb fan site for news and we aren't going anywhere - just need a break before the album comes out because after that it's going to be non-stop 3eb.

Inspire me: jen@stephanjenkins.com

04/26/02 - Jen

Word is Stephan is getting a Saturn tattoo on his bum cheek.

More Saturn Ion - 3eb sponsorship info From Beth...

"You're probably no longer surprised at the way commercials, especially car commercials, co-opt songs by your favorite bands and use them to showcase the way their automobile hugs the curves on a charming country road. And sometimes it seems like the records are barely in the stores before the ad agencies have nabbed them. Well, the "Speedy Delivery" award now goes to SF's own megagroup Third Eye Blind. Apparently, the band have already signed away a song off their upcoming record to be used in a Saturn commercial. That's right -- their new album has yet to hit the streets, but spies have told me the television spot is in the works as we speak."  (thanks Carl baby!)

OK guys, I know the ad agency!  It's my dream ad agency to work at (if anyone at GOODBY SILVERSTEIN IS READING THIS - Media Supervisor here!!!)

Also, Word on the street is that the May 4 show has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.  Don't freak out just yet, I'll try to get an official confirmation. 

04/25/02 - Jen

We're back up and running after 2 days of being shut down for "traffic overages."  SJ.com is just a little too popular for my pocketbook.  So, 4 pimps and $280.00 later we're back up and running.  So enjoy it you moochers!

If you sent me or anyone at SJ.com an email during that time and it "returned to sender" please resend it now. 


04/22/02 - Jen


Well, Commie's not around today to pass on this JUICY bit of gossip, but we've got some insider info from a sponsor regarding the new 3eb tour...

here's what we've been told:

On Tuesday April 2 at The World in Times Square there was a Saturn party celebrating their new car the ION. They allegedly announced plans to sponsor a cross country Third Eye Blind tour, supposedly very similar to Incubus being sponsored by Honda. All the guys were at the party and very well received.

We are told that tomorrow we'll be sent all of the tentative tour dates and venues.  I will share everything I can without getting in trouble!

April 2 was also Tony's birthday.  Here are pictures from the event as well as a picture of the car 3eb is said to be sponsoring.

We'll get you more information as we hear it.  Remember you heard it all here first and not MTV!  WOO!

Big ups to M for letting us in on this news!  Discuss on the message board!

04/19/02 - Jen

Posted an article:
3eb In the Studio

The Miami show doubled as the scene of two rockin' fan interviews of both Tony and Stephan.  Check 'em out! 

To recap, the only new album info is that there is a new song to add to the possible track list:  Spanish Houses.  Also, Stephan says he has 2 possible titles for the new record:  Crystal Baller (which we already know) and Big Hot Friends. 
Plus, our hopes have been renewed about old promises such as the DVD, EP, UK tour and having fans in videos - these questions no doubt sparked from a controversial column written by our own Gossip Communist.  (see far right)

Which reminds me... I keep meaning to put up a disclaimer that opinions expressed by Commie do not necessarily reflect those opinions of Jen or SJ.com.  *posts*  Commie is a freelance contributor.  :)

04/14/02 - Jen

Posted a review of last night's show from Mike.  If you have a review, send it to me and I'll post it.

Added article:

Miami music and youth culture festival draws thin crowds

04/13/02 - Jen

If you went to the show in Miami tonight, please email me as many details as possible so I can get Tim to shut up!

Posted some new fan pics

Added a new Angel.

Added a new tattoo to 3eBranded.

If you've got some stuff for me to add, send it in already!

04/11/02 - Jen

Even though I don't like Steve Harwell at all, Smash Mouth is giving me free stuff to post a silly banner so I did.  Forgive me for spamming you fine visitors.

04/10/02 - Jen

Posted a new article from Elektra newsletter that announces the release date month of Crystal Baller... in July.

04/08/02 - Jen

Happy 3eb Day!

Let us know what you did to celebrate!

04/07/02 - Jen

Added 6 new Stephan's Angels!

Don't forget! Tomorrow is 3eb Day!  Wear a 3eb shirt, play both cds all day, watch your videos, call your radio stations and tell them to play some 3eb songs in honor of their day!  It's also the 5 year anniversary of the self-titled album!  Thank you Third Eye Blind!  Come celebrate with us on the message board!

04/06/02 - Jen

3eb is said to be appearing live on Teen Nick on Nickelodeon tomorrow night 4/7 at 6pm EST.  Thanks, Puck103!

Check out 3eb's tour rider from the Bonfire tour, as seen on The Smoking Gun.  Thanks, Leigh!

04/04/02 - Jen

I was so excited to read some "official news" of the new record yesterday that I put together some countdown timers for the album release in July.  Check it out!

04/03/02 - Jen

Say what?  Album name to be "Crystal Baller" per this latest article from Billboard.com. 
Thanks to TrEsCoM@aol.com for the heads up on this article!

3rdeyeblind.com confirms that the new album is titled "Crystal Baller."  YAY!  I love that song!

04/02/02 - Jen

Happy Birthday Tony!  Today is Tony's 33rd birthday.  If you haven't already, hurry over to TF.com to sign his birthday guestbook and see the adorable monkey they adopted for the Monk!

If you missed it, here's my Tony collage.

04/01/02 - Jen

Some of you seem pretty fooled from our April Fools joke.  heh  As if N*Sync fans could take over SJ.com...!  If you missed the joke, you can see it here.

Added another Angel.