July 2002 News and Site Updates

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July Wassup-dates:

07/31/02 - Jen

Added an article:

Third Eye Blind Inspired By Weezer's Writing Approach

All concert reviews that are sent to me are being posting on the Message Board.  So, email me your review and I'll post it!

07/30/02 - Jen

The first review is in!

Hi Jen,  my name is Petria, this is my personal Sn, I'm actually on your mailing list on another sn that I reserve for Third Eye Blind mail, God knows that there's enough. Anyways, if you're intrested in me telling you a bit about the opening night of the tour let me know - it was great, lots of new shirts, and even a logo change, they played twelve songs and I'm sorry to say that Stephan wasn't wearing the GLP's, but instead a sequins black shirt that only had two buttons buttoned and a pair of jeans. The band was in rare form, giving one of the best performances I've ever seen. They played three new songs, the first one, "Friend Coming Over" Stephan announced that since he was among friends they were going to play it, and that we were the first ones to (and I quote) "EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER hear it played live!", after that they played Crystal Baller and then Forget Myself. The set list was as follows:

1. Graduate
4.Friend Coming Over
5.Crystal Baller
6.Forget Myself
7.Never Let You Go
8.Motorcycle Drive By
10.How's It Gonna Be
11. Semi- Charmed Life.

07/28/02 - Jen

Watch scenes from Stephan's new movie, "Art of Revenge" by going to this site.

Here is a screen-grab:

Thanks, imaqt2me!

07/27/02 - Jen

We now have ticket info for every show. 

For those of you going to 3eb shows starting this Monday, make sure you send me:

  • pictures
  • stories
  • bootlegs
  • presents (jk)

(please, do not send me Goo stuff, just 3eb)

Don't forget to read my concert tips before going.  If my tips help you meet the band, make sure you tell them I said hi!  hehe!

If you're aiming to meet up with other fans, go here.

Send pics and bootlegs to:

Jen "Shazam" G.
c/o StephanJenkins.com
P.O. Box 77111
San Francisco, CA 94107

Or you can email me pics and stories.

You'll get full credit for anything used on sj.com!


07/25/02 - Jen

MTV.com says:

Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins has signed on to star in the film "Art of Revenge," which slated for release late this fall, according to the Associated Press. Jenkins will play an ambitious designer who leaves his wife for a string of younger women, but gets his just desserts when his wife trains a woman to be his dream girl so that she can tear him down. ...

This is his movie formerly titled "Angelic Tuesday."

07/17/02 - Jen

Thanks to all the Atlantans (where the playas play) who emailed me to let me know that tix for the Atlanta show go on sale this weekend to the general public.  BUT, since we know the pre-sale password is "shudder" you can order your tickets on Thursday and get first dibs!

The ticket info for Raleigh is also now available.

And the parties don't stop til eight in the mo'nin.

07/16/02 - Jen

Added ticket info for Chula Vista, CA show (I'm told it's real close to San Diego) but there's still a few shows with no ticket info!  I'll post it once I find out.

07/08/02 - Jen

Added ticket info for the Nashville tour date.

07/02/02 - Jen

Added a tour date for 9/14 in Chula Vista, CA, where ever that is.  Somebody map it for me.  haha

I'm heading to LA and Vegas for a few days so no updates til Monday.  If you're going to be at the Hollywood Bowl watching fireworks and you see me (haha) come say hi.