May 2002 News and Site Updates

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May Wassup-dates:

05/31/02 - Jen

Added more tour dates

05/30/02 - Jen

Updated the tour dates.  As soon as I hear of em, I'll post em!

Hey, everyone head over to and download Stephan reading in NYC from JT Leroy's The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

Also, Stephan talked with our friend Kristen who told me that SJ says hi and that we can expect some big things on their headlining tour later this year.  We're eagerly awaiting, SJ!  She also asked him for a Book Club recommendation, to which he replied JT Leroy's The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. How appropriate - I couldn't agree more because I've already read it and it's excellent.

05/22/02 - Jen


3EB to tour this Summer
Stay tuned the official schedule of 3eb's tour with the Goo Goo Dolls to start the end of July!

I just pissed myself in excitement!  YEEE fuckin HAW!

I'll be going home to Alabama tomorrow through Tuesday for the holiday weekend.  If 3eb news breaks, you can bet your ass that the scores of eyeballs looking for 3eb news will post it on my message board.  So check there for up-to-the-minute news while I am outta town.

05/20/02 - Jen

Added an article from  Basically, it says we can now expect the album in OCTOBER.  Don't ask me what's up with that cos I don't know and I'm on break.  :)

05/14/02 - Jen

Stephan will be reading live at both of hot novelist JT LeRoy's book release events, in NYC and L.A.  First it was a Book Club recommendation, now they're friends!  Go see Stephan read.

Here's the info:


Barnes & Noble
Union Square
New York, NY
7:00 PM

The readers for NY are:
Mick Rock will make an introduction, Actor, comedienne and singer
Sandra Bernhard, Actor Norman Reedus, Stephan Jenkins singer of the band Third Eye Blind (him in NY and LA), Acclaimed poet Sharon Olds, Arthur Bradford, author of Dogwalker, and actor Mike Pitt and Michael Musto of The Village Voice.


FRIDAY, MAY 24th, 2002
Skylight Books
1818 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles
7:30 p.m.

The readers for LA are:

Susan Dey, Lisa Marie, Linda Perry, Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye

For more info on the author, check out

05/10/02 - Jen

Fans will be able to get a sneak preview of the title track 'Crystal Baller' in radio advertisement for Smirnoff Ice. The ad is a sweepstakes where fans can enter to win the chance to attend a recording session with 3eb as they finish up their new record. The ad campaign launches on Wednesday, May 15th. Listen to your local rock station for the ad or check out for more details.

05/06/02 - Jen

Added an article:

Man that forehead be kickin!  And the caramel-blonde hair?  What's up with that?  hahaha too funny!  I'm trying to remain sang-froid...

05/03/02 - Jen

Word is that Duran Duran just started Book Club because they think ours is so cool.  I used to be in love with them when I was 6.  I'd run around singing hungry like the wolf and now they come to my site.  hehe

05/01/02 - Jen

Added 2 articles:

No one said museums were hoity-toity, just the benefit.  I'm sorry, but any event I have to break out a prom dress for is hoity-toity.  No one should be required to wear cocktail attire to a rock concert they paid $150 a ticket. �